Service Areas

RJC's engineers have helped building developers, owners and managers build and care for their properties through our design, assessment, maintenance and restoration consulting services. From new design to cost-effective restoration and protection strategies, our proactive, client-focused approach has resulted in numerous award-winning new build and restoration projects throughout Canada and beyond.

Expert engineering solutions

Creating and maintaining structures we are proud of and that make our clients successful is what drives our relentless pursuit of engineering excellence and quality service. Our engineers bring their creativity backed by the resources and collective knowledge of a large, specialized firm to every project.

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Bridge Design & Rehabilitation
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Bridge Design & Rehabilitation
Building Enclosures
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Building Enclosures
Building Energy Modelling
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Building Energy Modelling
Civil Engineering
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Civil Engineering
Cold-Formed Steel Design
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Cold-Formed Steel Design
Condition Assessments
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Condition Assessments
Depreciation Reports & Reserve Fund Studies
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Depreciation Reports & Reserve Fund Studies
Façade Engineering
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Façade Engineering
Fall Protection / Travel Restraint
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Fall Protection / Travel Restraint
Forensic Engineering
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Forensic Engineering
Heritage Conservation
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Heritage Conservation
Parking Facility Design
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Parking Facility Design
Parking Structure Restoration
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Parking Structure Restoration
Pavement Rehabilitation
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Pavement Rehabilitation
Performance Assessment
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Performance Assessment
Post-Tensioned Concrete
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Post-Tensioned Concrete
Prime Consulting
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Prime Consulting
Rendering & Interactive Visualization
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Rendering & Interactive Visualization
Roofs & Plaza Decks
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Roofs & Plaza Decks
Seismic Risk Mitigation
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Seismic Risk Mitigation
Specialty & Supplementary Engineering
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Specialty & Supplementary Engineering
Structural Engineering
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Structural Engineering
Structural Glass Engineering
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Structural Glass Engineering
Structural Restoration
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Structural Restoration
Sustainable Design
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Sustainable Design
Traffic Deck Protection & Replacement
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Traffic Deck Protection & Replacement
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Waterproofing
Wood Design
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Wood Design