Practice Areas

Some of Canada's pre-eminent engineers call RJC home and many are involved in developing the codes and standards used in our industry. RJC's engineers are industry thought leaders, extending technical capabilities to benefit our clients.

Engineering Solutions

Based solidly on our structural engineering heritage, RJC has evolved to meet our clients’ changing needs. We collaborate with owners and consultant teams to develop solutions that bring value to their projects. Our proactive, client focused approach is why people continue to engage RJC to help.  Our legacy has been built on delivering the highest client service and outstanding work.

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Structural Engineering
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Building Science
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Building Science
Structural Restoration
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Structural Restoration
Structural Glass Engineering
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Structural Glass Engineering
Parking Facility Design
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Parking Facility Design
Building Energy Modelling
< class="uk-h3 uk-margin-remove-bottom">Building Energy Modelling
Audits & Studies
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