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RJC Engineers is proud to announce the appointment of four new Principals and seven new Associates to our leadership teams across the country. As employees of one of Canada’s leading engineering firms, these individuals have consistently demonstrated qualities and values critical to our success – leadership, innovative thinking, collaboration and building lasting relationships.

Each of these individuals embodies RJC’s core values pertaining to effective management of projects, people and business affairs. The recognition of this talented and dedicated group of people is a testament to their hard work and their ability to go above and beyond each and every day.

Join RJC in celebrating these talented group of individuals and the passion and dedication to their craft that they bring to RJC, our industry and the communities in which they live.


Dennis Gam, Principal
RJC Vancouver | Building Science & Restoration
Jamie Murphy, Principal
RJC Edmonton | Building Science & Restoration 
Damien Stoneham, Principal
RJC Vancouver | Structural Engineering
Enzo Vercillo, Principal
RJC Edmonton | Building Science & Restoration


Meredith Anderson, Associate
RJC Vancouver | Structural Engineering
Ryan Coles, Associate
RJC Calgary | Building Science & Restoration
Bob Korneluk, Associate
RJC Edmonton | Building Science & Restoration
Scott Laing, Associate
RJC Edmonton | Building Science & Restoration
Dominic Mattman, Associate
RJC Toronto | Structural Engineering
Clint Plett, Associate
RJC Victoria | Structural Engineering
Craig Wadsworth, Associate
RJC Toronto | Structural Engineering